After so many years of maintaining silence about the music I 've made and the songs I've written both with Mad River (1966-1970) and those subsequently written and recorded 1970-81, I have become aware of the ongoing interest in the music and songs over the years. In fact I am pretty astonished at the level of interest! Thank you!

This website will post lyrics and (we hope) evenutallly some chord sheets for those who love the songs and want to play them. Hopefully we will eventually have a couple of musical tracks up at any given time.

Although I have continued to write songs in the years since I left the music world and was swallowed up by a very busy medical career, I have not had for many years the time or oppurtunity to get these out in the open. However,several other artists, including the Judds, Doc Watson, and others have recorded the songs since then . I haven't been performing until quite recently. There are presently about 15 or 20 songs that were never recorded, but I hope these eventually will be.  The lastest Shagrat Records release, "PRESUMED LOST" has songs recorded after the release in 1976 of "COYOTE'S DREAM" between 1976 and 1981 (I finished this between my 1st and 2nd years at Hardvard Medical School). It was never released and subsequently we thought the recording were all lost (hence the title). "PRESUMED LOST" is available by clicking the icon on the website. For those interested in having the re-released "COYOTE'S DREAM,"  the CD can be purchased through this website. We apologize for  some trouble we initially experienced  with the technical aspects of  making this purchase, but it should be working well now.  Try again!

In 2013, we moved back to cowboy country: Western Montana's spectacular Bitterroot Valley. Just taking a walk outside here is enough to inspire some new stories and songs!

More later!