I've been pilot for Ozark Airways
for nigh on 15 years
I flew The Hump from Burma (1943)
on a rig that weren't much more than a prayer.

And once on a foam-covered runway
I set her down at the speed of fear,
Yeah, but the worst was an hour out of Cairo (Illinois)
when I felt cold steel next to my ear.

"Take this plane to heaven," cried the stranger with the gun"My Mother's there in Glory, my banker's down below
My wife she took the mobile home, She split with my best chum.
We're riding home to Jesus,
Captain, set your course and go"
I sent the girls back into the cabin
to keep the good people calm.
With a voice I was sure would betray me
well I told them, "Now, do not be alarmed"

"There has been a slight change in the flight plan
and we'll go home the long way round.
Yeah but we're bound for a friendly country, I am certain
Please stay in your seats until we're on the ground"
"Take this plane to Heaven" cried the stranger with the gun
The little man was shiverin', his eyes commenced to run .
And then the plane she staggered
like a hooker drunk on rum.
And I cried, "Please subtract my sins, O Lord,
when you add up the sum."

But the hand of Jesus held us.
So gently He set us down
On a runway engraved with the Scriptures,
and the ground crew of angels swarmed around .

"Take this plane to Heaven" cried the stranger with the gun
We fell and kissed the runway,
our new life had begun ,
But the Lord's voice broke into my prayers.
And he said "Captain Dunn ,
You must go back to preach my word
your time it has not come"
They found the wreck on the foggy hillside
And alone I'd escaped the flames.
I woke up with my limbs all in traction
And the doctor was asking me my name.

"Take this plane to heaven," the poor stranger cried to me
And I've since pondered how the Dove of God became a DC-3.

And, Doctor, hallelujah! though my flying days are done
I was hijacked to Jesus
on Flight 641

Originally Performed by: Lawrence Hammond
Album: Presumed Lost
Lyrics By: Lawrence Hammond