By day I drive a school bus in Elko, Nevada
I used to deal out blackjack at the Desert Jewel Cafe.
Got a shack out north of town
where the dry wash meets the highway.
There my poor heart is achin'
for my flower who's blown away

As the cards fell from my hands
I'd watch her face and she'd be smilin,'servin' coffee to them drivers
on the Frisco-Denver run.
But when some Nevada tumbleweed
he stole away my darlin'
I just could not find a reason
in this world for keepin' on .

I'm the cold coyote master of a tumbleweed plantation
I'd have made this dry ravine a garden

if she'd been my wifeand when the cold wind drives the snow down
from the mountains 'cross the basin ,
I know that this old desert's just as lonesome as my life.

When she ran away I could not get my forward gears a-turnin'
I just lay out on my bed and heard that highway pass me by.
Lookin for my darlin'
through the brown glass of a bottle,
with my fingers 'round the bedpost rail
and teardrops in my eyes.

Now they say a sorrowin' man should give his mind some occupation.
So with a schoolbus full of laughin' kids I drive until I'm blind
But the nighttime brings me emptiness,
and there's no consolation
In last week's Reno papers and California wine.

I'm the cold coyote master of a tumbleweed plantation.
I should quit this town tomorrow, leave the past and turn the page,
but I guess I've just decided,
Lord, I'm here for the duration
til my life becomes a desert wind
that blows across the sage
and my life becomes a desert wind
that blows across the sage

Originally Performed by: Lawrence Hammond
Album: Presumed Lost
Lyrics By: Lawrence Hammond